Medicine :: Opiate withdrawal is painstaking but not fatal

The world is now pestilence stricken. we assess the cause of this condition, drug addiction will be on the top. We all know Addiction Treatment something about the drug addiction, but what the real addiction is and why does it take place and if addicted, how could we get rid from it, several questions like these hovers around our mind. It is, in fact, a contagious disease that attracts and affects many people everyday globally. It comes in form of a drug, the intake of which, if taken for a long period, can cause acute physical and psychological dependence on it. Many people take these drugs for fun but later, they become its natural slave. The drugs generally take its clasp on the central nervous system and then compel the addict in taking the drug timely, and if not taken, it results in various deadly physical and psychological misbalances.


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